Frequently Asked Questions

How much is boarding and what does that include?
$660.00 per month includes:
    12X12 box stall
    Push paddle water system
    Shavings
    3/4 " Rubber matted flooring in stall
    (2) 7 lb. buckets per day of Alfalfa Grass mix cubes

(1 bucket per meal) Cubes are a combination of 60% Alfalfa & 40% Grass
    Stalls are cleaned once a day
    Private tack locker with 2 wooden shelves

Do you require vaccinations or tests before a new horse can be brought into the facility?

Yes, The Paddock facility requires all incoming horses to be up to date on all their vaccinations.

Will my horse be fed if I’m not there to do so?
Yes. Our Paddock staff feeds all the horses at 5:00 AM and 3:00 PM. You will need to measure your daily flakes and place them by your stall for both feedings.  

What about hay?
You can have your own hay delivered and stored on the property.
Also, The Paddock sells hay by the bale
Timothy - $32    Orchard Grass - $29    Alfalfa - $24    Oat - $23
Tax & Delivery included. Same Day delivery.

Who checks on the horses? 
Horses are checked on daily either by trainers or their grooms, and/or the Paddock staff.

How many arenas are there?
7 riding arenas, 1 designated lunging arena, and 1 round pen.
(this includes 3 Hunter/Jumper arenas with all-weather footing, 1 all-purpose arena and 3 dressage arenas).

Is there a place to turn out and/or lunge my horse?
Yes. We have turn-out sun pens, and designated arenas available for lunging as well as  
arena turn-outs (it is advised that all arena turn-outs be accompanied by a horse handler).

Does the facility provide training for horses?
Only our trainers do. The Paddock itself does not. Please contact our trainers for that inquiry.

Do you offer riding lessons?
All of our trainers provide lessons, however some require you to have your own horse
while some will provide one for you. It is best to check with our trainers directly.

What about trail rides?
The Paddock Riding Club facility does not offer a trail ride service to the general public, 
however, for you & your horse we do have access to 55 miles of trails in near-by Griffith Park. 
A bridge across the river is coming soon.

What are the hours of operation and security?
Hours of operation are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
The Paddock is a fully gated facility with 24-hour security.
We have numerous individuals who live full-time on the property.

Is there a video monitoring system?
We have a cameras installed in key locations throughout the property.
Stalls do not come with cameras but you are free to install your own.

Are there streetlights around the barns?
The property is well lit for night riding and security

Veterinarian and Farrier?
We have farriers and veterinarians who regularly service our horses or you may have your own 
farrier and/or veterinarian come as well.

What are some of your other amenities?
    A designated grazing area
    Hot & Cold water wash racks with sensor lighting for evening use
    Hot Walker
    Free Commercial laundry
    Free WiFi 
    Clean bathrooms with showers and changing rooms 
    Kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, self-serve coffee & tea machine)
    Conference room

The Paddock Riding Club facility has 10 individual trainer barns on the property.  Our trainers and instructors are independent contractors offering a variety of services, equestrian support and knowledge.

Boarding with a trainer:
(Recommended) Boarders may choose to board their horse within a trainer’s barn area with or without actually training with said trainer. This is for an extra fee (which is determined by each individual trainer).  The extra fee goes towards full-time care for your horse (as you specify) including daily exercise turn-outs. 

Independent Boarding:
If you choose to be an independent boarder, you will be responsible for exercising your horse on a daily basis. If you are unable to do so, then you’re responsible to notify Paddock Management or a trainer of your horse’s needs so arrangements can be made for an additional fee.  Stall selection is determined by Paddock management.

To determine which set-up is best for you and your horse, it is best to contact the trainers individually and/or Paddock management.  Whether you board with a trainer or independently, your boarding contract is with The Paddock Riding Club.